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Fat Pitch Methodology

“Fat Pitch” Investing Approach

“Fat Pitch” approach to investing produces safe, dependable and profitable path to financial wealth



You can significantly raise your investment track record by waiting for the pitcher–Mr. Market–to throw you a nice “fat pitch” right down the middle of the strike zone. Unless Mr Market serves you the “fat pitch” that you’re very confident in swinging at, you can stand by and wait.



Put time on your side. Identify quality companies with favorable long-term characteristics in attractive industries. Quality companies will over time do well, sparing you the worry of having to monitor performance and trade in and out of stock frequently. Waiting is the name of the game. We maintain database on hundreds of quality companies.

Demand margin of safety. Buy a stock only when it’s selling at a sufficient margin of safety to your estimated intrinsic value. Our team constantly monitors fair value estimates of quality companies, their required margin of safety and their current stock prices

Swing at the “Fat Pitch”. We’ll notify you when stock is approaching or reached required margin of safety. This provides 2 fold protection : a) buying a stock at discount to its estimated intrinsic value and b) buying into an inherently attractive company that will do well over time



“Fat Pitch” investing is particularly well suited to investors who are starting out and wish to learn about investing through low risk and dependable method.

Don’t take it from us. Listen to what Warren Buffett says about “Fat Pitch” approach to investing

What Services We Offer:

  • Screening thousands of US, European and Emerging market companies
  • Maintain watchlist of wide-moat and high quality stocks
  • Publish research papers of our best ideas to raise clients’ understanding
  • Estimate intrinsic value and margin of safety
  • Alert clients when stock price reaches required margin of safety

1. Pick wide-moat companies

Wide moat companies are good “fat pitch” candidates with predictable earnings, high returns on capital, and long-term favorable prospects. The intrinsic value will increase over time, putting time on the investors’ side.

2. Price

Estimate intrinsic value of the stock and set the required margin of safety

3. Patience

Being patient and waiting for the perfect “fat pitch” to come along before swinging

4. Prompt

Mr Market is throwing the stock at required margin of safety